About us

We are a group of friends that are passionate about the RC hobby, it does not matter what type of RC, all of us have airplanes and some of us have helicopters and some have drones, a few of us even tinker with RC cars as well. We openly welcome visitors and newcomers to the hobby! We fly at Massengill Airport on Vickers Hill Road about a mile off of SR146 in Muskingum County. We have roughly 10 acres of land that we can land and take off from and we keep it nicely manicured for all sorts of flying from “flying the pattern” to minor aerobatics and even full on 3D flight! We fly gas, glow, and electric planes and helis, we fly foam and balsa planes alike. 2018 is an exciting year because we want to enhance the field and our “club house” as well as maybe get some public events going and get more young people involved in the hobby! There are many way to get started and there are even “cheap” ways to do it! Most people think that RC hobbyists are rich and have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on airplanes and remotes and other gear but in reality you can easily get in the air for around $100, that can include an airplane, transmitter, battery, charger, and the required receiver. there is a company out of the Akron – Canton area called Flite Test that is really good about getting people into the hobby and they have been instrumental in the joining of some of our club members. If you think well I cant fly an airplane you are very wrong, anyone can fly an airplane, all it takes is an airplane, a good mentor, and a little patience. Come up and see us and we will be glad to help you get started!!!


Devan P.